Latest Updates from MathsWorldUK

  • Matrix Conference and the Dresden Declaration proposal

    The Matrix conference held in Dresden in September 2014 was the first international meeting specifically devoted to mathematics museums and exhibitions, and it gathered representatives from Europe and the Americas . The conference was organized by the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) in New York and Erlebnisland Mathematik in Dresden, in partnership with the KoMSO network and IMAGINARY.  Unfortunately, due to a last minute illness, the MWUK delegate was unable to attend the conference.

    A debate was initiated about the common principles and collective goals of the mathematics museums community, including a discussion on intellectual property rights, open licenses, and models to share and exchange materials and information. The aim was to eventually arrive at a set of guidelines (Code of Conduct) for this community.A first draft of this Code of Conduct was presented to the conference under the title of the Dresden Declaration; everybody was invited to contribute to the debate. Although the proposal was not formally adopted, it remains as an ongoing project.

  • MathsWorldUK has had a series of very informative meetings with the curators of the proposed new Mathematics Gallery and the proposed new Interactive Gallery at the Science Museum in London.  These discussions have established that MWUK and the Science Museum will not be in direct competition with each other, and that there will be scope for constructive collaboration in the future.
  • MathsWorldUK will have an exhibition stand at The Big Bang science and mathematics jamboree at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham from 11-14th of March 2015, and a week later at the Leeds Science Festival on 21st March.
  • MathsWorldUK is currently actively pursuing proposals to develop sites in Leeds, London or Manchester
  • A new Mathematics Museum
    The new mathematics museum World of Mathematics opened on October 26 in St. Petersburg, Russia. We would welcome reports from anyone who has visited this museum.
  • Exhibition
    Volim Matematiku (Zagreb, Croatia, now on show to March 15, 2015)
    The exhibition Matheliebe, originated in Liechtenstein, is now on display in Galerija Klovićevi dvori (Zagreb).

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