Next Steps

From Touring Exhibition to MathsCity

As per our objectives, in 2020 we had set up our touring exhibition in Winchester Science Centre but the centre had to close to the public, due to Coronavirus restrictions. Science Discovery Centres stayed closed a lot longer than anticipated and for this reason, we changed our strategy and are now focused on setting up our own medium term Mathematics Discovery Centre in the centre of Leeds, which we’re calling MathsCity.

MWUK exhibition


Objectives for 2021-23

  • In a shopping centre in Leeds, establish a 300+m sq maths visitor centre
  • Run the centre for minimum 12 months in the first location.


The Mathematics Discovery Centre
  • To begin to develop an outline brief for the full Discovery Centre, including the Zones and the Visitors’ Experience
  • To negotiate a suitable venue for the eventual siting of the Discovery Centre and put together a Development Team to steer the project through to its completion
  • To continue to foster relationships with other Mathematics Museums overseas, and with related museums and science centres in the UK.
  • To foster relationships with local communities, local and central government, the media, industry and commerce, and academia
  • To run special events for Friends of MathsWorldUK
  • To harness the talents of the exceptional group of well-known young popularisers of mathematics in the UK to further the public understanding of mathematics through a series of public events about mathematics
  • To extend the range of expertise of people on our Advisory Panel

To achieve these goals we need considerable financial support , so we do appreciate every donation.

“Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.” – H.G. Wells