We’ve made it! MathsCity is a MathsWorldUK production and is a key milestone on the road towards the UK’s first Mathematics Discovery Centre. It opened in October 2021 in Trinity Leeds, the main shopping centre in the heart of Leeds.

MathsCity is a thrilling hands-on interactive experience devoted entirely to mathematics and its applications. Our vision at MathsCity is to excite and engage everyone with the fascination and power of Mathematics. Its importance and influence in today’s world is everywhere you look, from helping us describe nature, explore space, combat pandemics and climate change and much more.

If you’re in the area, pay us a visit, ( you will need to pre-book tickets online We cannot wait to welcome you to our mathematical wonderland! Climb inside a giant bubble or a kaleidoscope. Try our laser Ring of Fire. Meet the challenge of our fascinating puzzles. Explore and discover the wonderful and surprising world of mathematics at MathsCity with over twenty interactive exhibits.

For fuller information about the location, opening times, bookings and prices of MathsCity visit

You may recall that we had planned a Touring Exhibition: Explore Maths: A First-step into the World of Mathematics, which was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. We’ve taken the time during lockdown to further develop this fully-fledged visitor experience. MathsCity replaces that touring exhibition, using many of its exhibits. We plan further exhibits during the coming year and all these will bring us closer to our ultimate vision of a National Mathematics Discovery Centre.

In mathematics the art of posing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.
Georg Cantor,