Touring Exhibition

Explore Maths

A first-step into the world of mathematics

Explore the world of problem solving, shape and probability through our interactive exhibits – suitable for all ages.

COVID-19 has meant that the tour has not been able to begin.  The exhibition will only be in use when COVID-19 restrictions have been completely lifted.  It is most likely then to be set up in Leeds from September 2021 as part of an exhibition called MathsCity.

Find out more about each exhibit by clicking the links below.

2-Piece Pyramid
4-Piece Pyramid
Ball Pyramid Coloured Pieces
Corner Mirror – 12 Rings Puzzle Drawing in a Mirror
Mirror Letters
Find the Fish
Penrose Fish
Honeycomb Lights On Mirror Book
Mirror Box – Infinite Patterns Parabolic Bounce Pendulum Wave
Queue of Dice Racing Discs Red Dice Out
 Ring of Fire  Second Will Be First  Secret Code
Smarties Soap Films Soma Cube
T Puzzle
Tower of Ionah What Fits in a Cube