Mirror Pillar

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The Mirror Pillar is a giant 2m high cylindrical mirror, which reflects and distorts images from the ground around it to create beautiful anamorphic artworks. It provides a chance to interact with anamorphic images by drawing part of one, and discover the mathematics and geometry behind projected and distorted images.

The Pillar belongs to Maths World UK, which aims to establish a permanent maths discovery centre in the UK where people can go and experience the full joy, wonder and power of mathematics. Until then, the Mirror Pillar will form part of Maths World UK’s travelling exhibit, and can be brought to form part of maths and science events around the UK. Contact us by emailing info@mirror-pillar.co.uk for more information.



Think Maths logoWe have worked with the team at Think Maths to produce a set of school resources around the Mirror Pillar, including a pack of accompanying worksheets for use by schools and community groups.

If you’d like to create your own Mirror Pillar style images at home, a mini-Mirror Pillar can be made using a cardboard tube and some reflective foil. You can convert images from rectangular to anamorphic using our Pillariser converter. There are downloadable versions of all the mini-Mirror Pillar activities, including a labelled square grid and labelled distorted grid, making anamorphic sculpturestretching anamorphism and anamorphic projection. These activities are also all included in the teacher pack above.

If you’d like to make your own giant Mirror Pillar image, the schools pack includes printable sheets you can use, and a How To Sheet with some tips – contact us by emailing info@mirror-pillar.co.uk if you’d like to find out about opportunities to try your artwork with the actual Pillar.

Anamorphic rainbow rectangle, by Woolly ThoughtsIf you’re into knitting, Woolly Thoughts have produced a knitting pattern for a knitted rainbow rectangle, and one with vertical stripes, which can be adapted to produce other anamorphic knitting for use with a mini-Mirror Pillar. They have also produced an artwork, entitled “The Windmills of your Mind”, which has been displayed alongside the pillar and will form part of our permanent collection.


Map of UK/Ireland locationsHistory

The Mirror Pillar spent 2018/19 travelling around the UK and Ireland visiting a variety of events, including Queen Mary University of London‘s open day, Peterborough STEM Festival, Dublin for Maths Week IrelandManchester Science FestivalThe University of BathCambridge Science Festival, Edinburgh and Glasgow as part of an event organised by Maths Week Scotland, and the IMA Festival of Maths and its Applications in Greenwich.

Matt and Katie with the Mirror Pillar

Matt and Katie with the Mirror Pillar

The Mirror Pillar was originally conceived as a maths outreach project by mathematicians Matt Parker and Katie Steckles, the team that brought you the MegaMenger, the Manchester MegaPixel and the Domino Computer. We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped out with delivering Mirror Pillar activities and developing the resources which accompany the activity.

If you have any questions about the Pillar, press enquiries or requests for a visit, please email Katie Chicot on info@mirror-pillar.co.uk.

The Mirror Pillar was constructed by LM Interactive. LM Interactive Logo